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ūüĎČ –ö–į–ļ –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą—Ď–Ľ —ā–≤–ĺ–Ļ / –≤–į—ą –ī–Ķ–Ĺ—Ć? - How was your day?

um ano atr√°s
ūüôč Hello, my dear Russian learners! –ó–ī—Ä–į–≤—Ā—ā–≤—É–Ļ—ā–Ķ, –ľ–ĺ–ł –ī–ĺ—Ä–ĺ–≥–ł–Ķ —É—á–Ķ–Ĺ–ł–ļ–ł!

Do you know how to say ¬ęHow was your day¬Ľ in Russian?
Have you ever asked your Russian friend about their day, week, holiday or maybe year? Or you wanted to ask but didn’t know how?
If you‚Äôve never thought of this phrase you may be a bit surprised that the Russian version of this question literally means ¬ęHow did your day pass¬Ľ?
So, let’s fill in this gap!
¬†The phrase ¬ęHow was your ‚Ķ?¬Ľ in Russian is¬†
ūüĎȬ† ¬ę–ö–į–ļ –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą—Ď–Ľ / –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ľ–į / –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ľ–ĺ / –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ľ–ł ‚Ķ?¬Ľ. So you have probably already guessed that the form of the verb has to match the subject, the word you‚Äôre asking about. Remember that the subject comes in the Nominative case.
‚úŹÔłŹ –ö–į–ļ –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą—Ď–Ľ —ā–≤–ĺ–Ļ / –≤–į—ą –ī–Ķ–Ĺ—Ć? ‚Äď How was your day?
‚úŹÔłŹ –ö–į–ļ –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ľ–į —ā–≤–ĺ—Ź / –≤–į—ą–į –Ĺ–Ķ–ī–Ķ–Ľ—Ź? ‚Äď How was your week?
‚úŹÔłŹ –ö–į–ļ –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ľ–ĺ —ā–≤–ĺ—Ď / –≤–į—ą–Ķ –≤–ĺ—Ā–ļ—Ä–Ķ—Ā–Ķ–Ĺ—Ć–Ķ? ‚Äď How was your Sunday?
‚úŹÔłŹ –ö–į–ļ –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ľ–ł —ā–≤–ĺ–ł / –≤–į—ą–ł –≤—č—Ö–ĺ–ī–Ĺ—č–Ķ? ‚Äď How was your weekend?
* ¬ę—ā–≤–ĺ–Ļ¬Ľ is the singular and informal version of ¬ęyou¬Ľ
* ¬ę–≤–į—ą¬Ľ is the formal or plural ¬ęyou¬Ľ
By the way, forms ¬ę–Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą—Ď–Ľ / –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ľ–į / –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ľ–ĺ / –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ľ–ł¬Ľ are the past tense forms of the perfective verb ¬ę–Ņ—Ä–ĺ–Ļ—ā–ł¬Ľ. This prefixed verb of motion has the imperfective pair ūüĎČ ¬ę–Ņ—Ä–ĺ—Ö–ĺ–ī–ł—ā—Ć ‚Äď –Ņ—Ä–ĺ–Ļ—ā–ł¬Ľ and means ¬ęto pass, to get through¬Ľ.



–ź –≤—č –∑–Ĺ–į–Ķ—ā–Ķ, –ļ–į–ļ —Ā–ļ–į–∑–į—ā—Ć ¬ęHow was your day¬Ľ –Ĺ–į —Ä—É—Ā—Ā–ļ–ĺ–ľ —Ź–∑—č–ļ–Ķ?
–í—č –ļ–ĺ–≥–ī–į-–Ĺ–ł–Ī—É–ī—Ć —Ā–Ņ—Ä–į—ą–ł–≤–į–Ľ–ł –≤–į—ą–Ķ–≥–ĺ —Ä—É—Ā—Ā–ļ–ĺ–≥–ĺ –ī—Ä—É–≥–į, –ļ–į–ļ –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą—Ď–Ľ –Ķ–≥–ĺ –ī–Ķ–Ĺ—Ć, –Ĺ–Ķ–ī–Ķ–Ľ—Ź, –ĺ—ā–Ņ—É—Ā–ļ –ł–Ľ–ł –ī–į–∂–Ķ –≥–ĺ–ī? –ė–Ľ–ł —Ö–ĺ—ā–Ķ–Ľ–ł —Ā–Ņ—Ä–ĺ—Ā–ł—ā—Ć, –Ĺ–ĺ –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—Ā—ā–ĺ –Ĺ–Ķ –∑–Ĺ–į–Ľ–ł –ļ–į–ļ?
–ē—Ā–Ľ–ł –≤—č –Ĺ–ł–ļ–ĺ–≥–ī–į –Ĺ–Ķ –ī—É–ľ–į–Ľ–ł –ĺ–Ī —ć—ā–ĺ–Ļ —Ą—Ä–į–∑–Ķ, –≤—č, –≤–ĺ–∑–ľ–ĺ–∂–Ĺ–ĺ, –Ī—É–ī–Ķ—ā–Ķ —É–ī–ł–≤–Ľ–Ķ–Ĺ—č, —á—ā–ĺ —Ä—É—Ā—Ā–ļ–ł–Ļ –≤–į—Ä–ł–į–Ĺ—ā —ć—ā–ĺ–≥–ĺ –≤–ĺ–Ņ—Ä–ĺ—Ā–į –Ī—É–ļ–≤–į–Ľ—Ć–Ĺ–ĺ –∑–Ĺ–į—á–ł—ā ¬ęHow did your day pass¬Ľ?
–Ě—É —á—ā–ĺ, –ī–į–≤–į–Ļ—ā–Ķ –∑–į–Ņ–ĺ–Ľ–Ĺ–ł–ľ —ć—ā–ĺ—ā –Ņ—Ä–ĺ–Ī–Ķ–Ľ –≤ –∑–Ĺ–į–Ĺ–ł—Ź—Ö!
–§—Ä–į–∑–į ¬ęHow was your ‚Ķ?¬Ľ –Ĺ–į —Ä—É—Ā—Ā–ļ–ĺ–ľ
ūüĎȬ†¬ę–ö–į–ļ –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą—Ď–Ľ / –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ľ–į / –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ľ–ĺ / –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ľ–ł ‚Ķ?¬Ľ.
–Ě–į–≤–Ķ—Ä–Ĺ–ĺ–Ķ, –≤—č —É–∂–Ķ –ī–ĺ–≥–į–ī–į–Ľ–ł—Ā—Ć, —á—ā–ĺ —Ą–ĺ—Ä–ľ–į –≥–Ľ–į–≥–ĺ–Ľ–į —Ā–ĺ–≥–Ľ–į—Ā—É–Ķ—ā—Ā—Ź —Ā —Ā—É–Ī—ä–Ķ–ļ—ā–ĺ–ľ, —Ā–ĺ —Ā–Ľ–ĺ–≤–ĺ–ľ, –ĺ –ļ–ĺ—ā–ĺ—Ä–ĺ–ľ –≤—č —Ā–Ņ—Ä–į—ą–ł–≤–į–Ķ—ā–Ķ. –ö—Ā—ā–į—ā–ł, —Ź –Ĺ–į–ī–Ķ—é—Ā—Ć, –≤—č –Ņ–ĺ–ľ–Ĺ–ł—ā–Ķ, —á—ā–ĺ —Ā—É–Ī—ä–Ķ–ļ—ā –ī–ĺ–Ľ–∂–Ķ–Ĺ –Ī—č—ā—Ć –≤ –ł–ľ–Ķ–Ĺ–ł—ā–Ķ–Ľ—Ć–Ĺ–ĺ–ľ –Ņ–į–ī–Ķ–∂–Ķ.
‚úŹÔłŹ –ö–į–ļ –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą—Ď–Ľ —ā–≤–ĺ–Ļ / –≤–į—ą –ī–Ķ–Ĺ—Ć?
‚úŹÔłŹ –ö–į–ļ –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ľ–į —ā–≤–ĺ—Ź / –≤–į—ą–į –Ĺ–Ķ–ī–Ķ–Ľ—Ź?
‚úŹÔłŹ –ö–į–ļ –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ľ–ĺ —ā–≤–ĺ—Ď / –≤–į—ą–Ķ –≤–ĺ—Ā–ļ—Ä–Ķ—Ā–Ķ–Ĺ—Ć–Ķ?
‚úŹÔłŹ –ö–į–ļ –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ľ–ł —ā–≤–ĺ–ł / –≤–į—ą–ł –≤—č—Ö–ĺ–ī–Ĺ—č–Ķ?
* ¬ę—ā–≤–ĺ–Ļ¬Ľ –Ĺ–Ķ—Ą–ĺ—Ä–ľ–į–Ľ—Ć–Ĺ–į—Ź –≤–Ķ—Ä—Ā–ł—Ź –į–Ĺ–≥–Ľ–ł–Ļ—Ā–ļ–ĺ–≥–ĺ ¬ęyou¬Ľ –≤ –Ķ–ī–ł–Ĺ—Ā—ā–≤–Ķ–Ĺ–Ĺ–ĺ–ľ —á–ł—Ā–Ľ–Ķ.
* ¬ę–≤–į—ą¬Ľ –ĺ—Ą–ł—Ü–ł–į–Ľ—Ć–Ĺ—č–Ļ, —Ą–ĺ—Ä–ľ–į–Ľ—Ć–Ĺ—č–Ļ –≤–į—Ä–ł–į–Ĺ—ā ¬ęyou¬Ľ –ł–Ľ–ł —Ą–ĺ—Ä–ľ–į –ľ–Ĺ–ĺ–∂–Ķ—Ā—ā–≤–Ķ–Ĺ–Ĺ–ĺ–≥–ĺ —á–ł—Ā–Ľ–į.
–ö—Ā—ā–į—ā–ł, —Ą–ĺ—Ä–ľ—č ¬ę–Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą—Ď–Ľ / –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ľ–į / –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ľ–ĺ / –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ľ–ł¬Ľ - —Ą–ĺ—Ä–ľ—č –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ķ–ī—ą–Ķ–≥–ĺ –≤—Ä–Ķ–ľ–Ķ–Ĺ–ł –ī–Ľ—Ź –≥–Ľ–į–≥–ĺ–Ľ–į —Ā–ĺ–≤–Ķ—Ä—ą–Ķ–Ĺ–Ĺ–ĺ–≥–ĺ –≤–ł–ī–į ¬ę–Ņ—Ä–ĺ–Ļ—ā–ł¬Ľ. –≠—ā–ĺ—ā –≥–Ľ–į–≥–ĺ–Ľ –ī–≤–ł–∂–Ķ–Ĺ–ł—Ź —Ā –Ņ—Ä–ł—Ā—ā–į–≤–ļ–ĺ–Ļ –ł–ľ–Ķ–Ķ—ā –Ņ–į—Ä—É –Ĺ–Ķ—Ā–ĺ–≤–Ķ—Ä—ą–Ķ–Ĺ–Ĺ–ĺ–≥–ĺ –≤–ł–ī–į ¬ę–Ņ—Ä–ĺ—Ö–ĺ–ī–ł—ā—Ć ‚Äď –Ņ—Ä–ĺ–Ļ—ā–ł¬Ľ –ł –∑–Ĺ–į—á–ł—ā ¬†¬ęto pass, to get through¬Ľ.

ūü§ó –ú–ĺ–Ļ –ī–Ķ–Ĺ—Ć –Ņ—Ä–ĺ—ą–Ķ–Ľ –∑–į–ľ–Ķ—á–į—ā–Ķ–Ľ—Ć–Ĺ–ĺ, –į –≤–į—ą?¬†
I hope it was useful. –Į –Ĺ–į–ī–Ķ—é—Ā—Ć, —ć—ā–ĺ –Ī—č–Ľ–ĺ –Ņ–ĺ–Ľ–Ķ–∑–Ĺ–ĺ.
Write your examples and everyday questions you would ask your Russian friends in the comments below!
–ü–ł—ą–ł—ā–Ķ –≤ –ļ–ĺ–ľ–ľ–Ķ–Ĺ—ā–į—Ä–ł—Ź—Ö –≤–į—ą–ł –Ņ—Ä–ł–ľ–Ķ—Ä—č –ł –≤–ĺ–Ņ—Ä–ĺ—Ā—č, –ļ–ĺ—ā–ĺ—Ä—č–Ķ –Ī—č –≤—č –∑–į–ī–į–Ľ–ł –≤–į—ą–ł–ľ —Ä—É—Ā—Ā–ļ–ł–ľ –ī—Ä—É–∑—Ć—Ź–ľ!

Good luck! –£–ī–į—á–ł!
Julia –ģ–Ľ—Ź