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a year ago
Homophones are words that have the same sound as another word but are spelled differently and have different meanings. Here is a short list of examples.
  • two/to/too - I’ll give two of these to you, too.
  • they’re/there/their - They’re in there studying for their test.
  • team/teem - Each of the teams teems with talent.
  • horse/hoarse - The horse trainer went hoarse calling out commands all day.
  • morning/mourning - The new widower was still in shock, but he would be mourning by morning.
  • ads/adds - The savings from all the ads adds up over time.
  • baron/barren - The baron never had any children because his wife was barren.
  • see/sea - We could all see the ship sinking into the sea.
  • coward/cowered - When the fight started, the coward cowered in the corner.
  • crews/cruise - The crews on the cruise ships worked hard to make sure everyone enjoyed the experience.
  • symbol/cymbal - The drum kit’s manufacturer had its symbol engraved on the cymbal.
Words like these can be very confusing for someone trying to learn conversational English