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Cześć! Did you know Tom Hanks loves Polish “maluch”?

2 meses atrás
This week I have another news for you from the Polski Daily website! If you’re interested in learning more about Polish language and culture, you can sign up for weekly newsletters here: polskidaily.eu!

The whole story started from the famous photos of Tom Hanks and small Fiat cars, which he has been posting on his Twitter, while in Budapest. The actor is known for his habit of photographing himself with cars that bring his attention, joking that „I have a new car!”.

The Autumn of 2016, Monika Jaskólska came up with the idea of giving the actor Fiat 126p, after she saw his Twitter pics. Monika comes from Bielsko Biała, the city, where the famous Polish „maluch” was produced from 1973 till 2000. She organised fundraising among the citizens of Bielsko Biała – for the maluch for Hanks! She offered, that all of the extra money they manage to collect will be given as charity to the children’s hospital in Bielsko Biała.

The people of Bielsko had a very enthusiastic reaction to the idea. The whole action started at the end of 2016 and got a lot of attention in the media around the world. 

Finally, Tom Hanks found out about the whole thing. In his e-mail to Jaskólska admitted, that he was only joking and kind of laughing at the car, but that he also really likes it. He pledged to support financially the children’s hospital in Bielsko. At the end of October 2017, Monika met Tom Hanks in LA, where she brought the car. He kept joking, that they will be able to go for a ride together to check „if it starts at all, and if it’s legal to drive such a car in the US”. He also promised Monika, that one day he will come to Bielsko Biała!